Fazioli Pianoforti


Hélène Grimaud

Thank you for your wonderful piano.
Warmest regards

(Roma 2005)

Maurizio Baglini

To Paolo Fazioli
With so much regard, affection and infinite gratefulness for the pianos
he makes, always different each other, always the most beautiful.

(Pisa 2004)

Herbie Hancock

Happy Birthday, Paolo!!!
This day has been a great day for me. I am the proud owner of a brand new
Fazioli piano. Your pianos can, with the sound of one note, announce the
celebration of the freedom and creativity of the human spirit. Please continue
doing what you are doing. The artists and listeners will continue to be satisfied.

(Sacile 2003)

Stephen Hough

Thank you, Paolo,
for a wonderful afternoon with some wonderful pianos.
There are instruments “con anima” and I’m delighted to become an owner of one!
With warm wishes and thanks.

(Sacile 2002)

Angela Hewitt

It was a fascinating experience to see where and how your pianos are made,
and then to play so many beautiful ones.
They are a joy to play and will continue to give me enormous pleasure!

(Sacile 2002)

Nikolai Demidenko

Dear Paolo, What a wonderful pianos you make! To me they are the beauty itself
- they feel alive in every bit, providing more that any pianist could desire.
Even in a quiet passages sound does not lose colour, and dynamic range between
PPP and FFF is unbelievable. Since I bought my 183, in 7 months all the pianos
I played were a disappointment, and only three provided me with a responce
I wished; all three were Faziolis.Thank you!

(Sacile 2001)

Friedrich Gulda

To Fazioli, great producer of the noblest pianos,

(Roma Teatro Ghione 1998)

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